Exhibition Program 2024 and Spring 2025

Directed by Rembrandt

02 March until 26 May 2024

The press preview is on Tuesday 17 February
Rembrandt was a masterful storyteller. But instead of words, he told his stories in pictures. He carefully directed his characters and scenes, using methods from the theatre. In the Spring of 2024, the Rembrandt House Museum will host Directed by Rembrandt. The exhibition showcases the close connection between Rembrandt’s art and Amsterdam’s theatre scene. It is the first exhibition to portray Rembrandt as a director of his artworks. The Rembrandt House Museum will be borrowing several masterpieces for the exhibition, including the painting Joseph Accused by Potiphar's Wife (1655) from Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie, which will return for three months to the place it was originally painted.

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Rembrandt & The World

Summer 2024

Rembrandt and his work are generally considered to be typically Dutch. This image is strengthened by the fact that Rembrandt never once left the Netherlands to travel abroad. Still, we can see quite a bit of the world in his etchings – from lions, exotic shells and turbans to mountainous landscapes and Italian architecture. How did he gather the knowledge about foreign landscapes, architecture, people, clothing and objects? Rembrandt & The World will feature more than 40 Rembrandt etchings from the Rembrandt House Museum’s renowned collection.


Rembrandt Open Studio

Autumn 2024

During the yearly Rembrandt Open Studio residency, Rembrandt's house once again becomes a creative hub. In the 17th century, Rembrandt didn't work alone in the building on Jodenbreestraat; he had many students, sometimes four or five at a time. Now, almost 400 years later, the Rembrandt House Museum is continuing this tradition. Every autumn, talented artists based in the Netherlands will be given the opportunity to create new work in Rembrandt's home. For two months, two contemporary artists will set up their studio in one of the exhibition rooms. The participating artists for 2024 will be announced in the summer.


Samuel van Hoogstraten

1 February until 4 May 2025

The most significant artist to have trained under Rembrandt is thought to be Samuel van Hoogstraten. He is widely known for his famous book on art in which Rembrandt’s teaching practice and ideas about art are mentioned in detail. But Samuel van Hoogstraten also left an extensive oeuvre of paintings, drawings, and prints. His interest in perspective and the illusionistic quality of trompe l’oeil resulted in mesmerising works of art that were sought after in both the Netherlands and abroad. This will be the first-ever exhibition dedicated to Samuel van Hoogstraten as a writer and an artist, in the place where he studied to become an artist.